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March 28-29, 2015

Registration forms are now available.  Full schedule of speakers will be posted in January of 2015.

Annapolis Safety at Sea Seminars

For  those seeking a US Sailing Safety at Sea certificate to comply with the Newport-Bermuda Race requirement, the one-day Saturday seminar is still available.  While we have designed the day to include some Newport-Bermuda race specific lectures, the event is an excellent tool for cruisers too.  The contents of the seminar meet the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations and include the following topics: care and maintenance of safety equipment, storm sails, damage control and repair, heavy weather, seamanship, ships/channels and right-of-way, man overboard prevention and recovery, hypothermia, weather forecasting, life rafts, life jackets, and USCG SAR and communications.  The Annapolis Safety at Sea Seminars also include LIVE MOB recovery demonstrations and weather permitting, a demonstration of a live USCG helicopter air-lift.  Speakers are industry specialists and have been selected by moderator Ralph Naranjo to provide a maximum amount of information in this day-long session.  The certificate earned is issued through US Sailing and is valid for five years.


The 1979 Fastnet Race disaster caused sailors around the world to rethink their approach to safety at sea. Officers, coaches and sailors at the US Naval Academy responded with the very first Safety at Sea Seminar, a learning experience that has grown into a Naval Academy tradition. Annually, over the last 31 years, sailors from across the country have participated in the continuously evolving event. Today, the program is jointly organized by the Naval Academy Sailing and the Maryland Marine Trades Association. And in late March or early April, just prior to the start of the sailing season, technical experts, premier ocean racers, adventure sailors and sail training professionals blend their expertise in what has become one of the most complete and comprehensive of US Sailing endorsed safety training seminars.

The 2014 event will once again expand the scope of the USNA safety training experience. The two day seminar will cater to both racing sailors and cruisers by offering a dual track curriculum during the advanced training on day two.

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